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Technological Skill values

CORE  .  VALUES  . Explained



It has been always a strong believe with me that quality is a way of life. In this competitive world ‘Only the ones’ will excel who delivers quality first. To me; this is  a vision statement is which drive all aspects of my actions toward achieving maximized quality standards. However as an individual personality I always strives to achieve upgraded quality goals in synch with the organizations vision in core.

I has been a member of steering committees for quality assurance systems. During my association with H.S.C.C. (India) Ltd. where I was working as Deputy Manager (Architecture). Has been appreciated for my creative approach towards work process simplification and re-defining the work flow for technical working. I also was responsible as internal auditor for ISO quality audits and was auditee for several external audits yielding towards successful attempt to obtain ISO certification.

My next career change was as Senior Architect, at Sidus Architects & Engineers (formally Sidus Infotech) I was assigned to set up the department of architecture where I took the challenge, and developed quality systems for internal working as well as systems for for the department. Considering his past experience & record with HSCC, here also he has been assigned to take care of ISO certification requirements and its company wide implementation. I, again successfully performed to the expectation and Sidus was successfully awarded with ISO certification.


Is the King, I always knows that with best of his professional competency to whom I am here to serve? I strongly believes that customer satisfaction is the key to success in any business. Especially in service / consulting sector where change, requirements, and expectations are dynamic. Here my goal is to win total confidence and rewards of customer delight.

I worked with the client right from business development till its completion. Presenting ideas & facts about project specifics, budgets, schedules, plans and also helping them to identify & select vendors. I’ve been very successful in grabbing  the opportunity and deliver through client’s satisfaction. I have been associated with an array of projects both in terms of size & cost; budgeted for as large as $8.5 Billion to as small as $20 K (please refer to the list of major projects).


No individual can achieve significant, it’s a team who plays & shares success. I take total ownership of the situation and work with the team to deliver the best. For me, a team is an always growing phenomenon, includes not only who is involved but also who related for project good. I am an excellent, and professional team player with a pitch  of personal, and social sphere as well.

I’ve been always working in a large team size. The size of the core team was fluctuating between Six –Twenty, throughout my career,  when time comes during peak load I used to lead multiple large teams of more than 50 people. The usual core team i worked with was typically composed of architects, engineers, draftsman, Site coordinators, and also the extended teams working as sub-consultants.


This is one of my core assets. When I says ‘I take ownership of situation’ I am fully dedicated to achieve what has been planned for. I always loves to work towards achieving beyond normal expectations. My dedication is totally unreasonable and I only look for reasons for success.

Systematic approach

I have a simple working philosophy => ‘Plan => enable => work => monitor & review => deliver => get feedback => learn & update. I always knew that when one deliver quality it’s a boost, and it’s always a win-win situation. It gives confidence to client to rely on me, and offer more & more business ownership yielding  trust and growth. I believes in creating opportunities rather than keep expecting for it.


Today is world of technology; I strive to keep myself updated with latest trends technology. I’ve  hunger to learn and grow; I am always a global learner. Technology to me is a tool for efficient & smart working. I am always in look-out for upgrading and enhancing my skills, and try integrate them in real time job.


Knowledge gives the edge over this competitive world this is my key understanding towards this word. However implementation of knowledge is one aspect which always gives me an edge over my domain. That is probably the real reason I have acquired MBA