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As senior design, technical, and project management professional I have been delivering responsibilities through project cycle including architectural design, design, management, project management, construction coordination, business development, and quality system development / implementation.

With exceptional ability to work with large team in cross-cultural environment, I have worked on projects ranging up to 300 acre of land spread, and as big as USD-4.5 B. landmark projects of world architecture.

I am a tech-savvy; always ready to embarrass tomorrow’s technology. I am a fully matured and seasoned professional, having expertise not only in healthcare, but also excellent knowledge in major building types.

With fast learning sprite, and hunger for knowledge, I have recently graduated with MBA. Now I am looking forward to leverage my knowledge, competence, and ability to next level of career challenge.

My attitude, knowledge and competence are unique combination to contribute and add values to organization in long-term.

Skill Environment:

Architectural Design, Design Management, Building Construction, Project Management, PMP, Construction coordination, Business Development, Client Management, Partnership, New Business, Marketing, Strategy, Value Engineering,Quality Systems, Operations Management, Project Planning, Scheduling, Monitoring, Tracking, Building services, Integration, risk planning, Simulation, Network analysis, Time prediction ……

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